GvE&Co is formed by two creative and tenacious friends, Georgina von Etzdorf & Jonathan Docherty. This part of our story began in 2017 when we pooled our lifelong love of artistry, colour, fluidity and dynamism in pattern to produce printed furnishing fabric, and make uplifting, comforting pieces for the home. Convinced of the importance of colour and texture on our mood, we set ourselves up to generate our ideas from a granary in Wiltshire. The pieces we create are alluring, luminous, tactile and sensual. We’d like you to feel the same, and bring the warmth into your own home.




In 1981, three fairly inseparable friends from art school, Georgina von Etzdorf, Martin Simcock, and Jonathan Docherty formed a lively partnership to design, develop and print fabrics for the fashion market. The aim was to produce items of beauty and longevity through experimental use of printing techniques, pattern, colour and texture. Over 25 years the brand became internationally successful for its design innovation, uniqueness and quality of production, creating a lasting legacy of followers worldwide.



heritage GVE photo of three founders

 Image credit: Kim Knott / Lucinda Chambers